Windows 11 coming soon? Microsoft drops volume to 11 on Sun Valley update

Since Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015, the company has been talking about the platform as a platform as a service (PaaS). Windows 10 benefits from regular service and feature updates that make it run smoother than previous versions of Windows. So it’s somewhat surprising that Microsoft is now presenting Windows 11 this month.

Just yesterday, we reported on Microsoft’s What’s Next for Windows event, which will take place on June 24. I mentioned yesterday that this would be a big event that would usher in a Windows 10 redesign. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and product manager Panos Panay are leading the event, emphasizing its importance.

We already know that Window 10 Sun Valley (21H2) is going to bring major changes to the platform, in the form of new designs and more. However, now it appears that Sun Valley may not be a version of Windows 10 at all. Instead, it may report a brand new version of the platform.


Microsoft watchers Mary Joe Foley and Paul Thurrott spoke about this new version on the Windows weekly YouTube show. They both think we’ll see a whole new version of Windows come out of Windows 10 in the past.

Windows 11

This new version could be called Windows 11, or even just Windows. This last name would finalize Microsoft’s transition to a PaaS which no longer requires major generational upgrades but which is constantly evolving to keep up with changing user needs.

During the video, Thurrott and Foley discuss the features and changes that will underpin Windows 11.

First, it appears Microsoft itself is teasing Windows 11. On a tweet to confirm the event, Panay provided a small GIF with the Windows logo reflected on the floor. This reflection seems to show the number 11 moving on the ground. Yes we are here in simple pre-launch speculation mode, you know the drill for how silly it can get.

It should be noted that while Foley thinks Windows 11 or “Windows” are likely names, Thurrott believes Microsoft will continue to use the Windows 10 brand. Right now, I’m falling for him because I don’t see the point in make a generational leap on a platform that is served regularly. Let’s not forget that Windows 10 has received major updates in the past.

Does Windows 10 Sun Valley (21H2) really look like a bigger upgrade than, say, the Creators Update? Yes, it brings a design overhaul, but we’ve also seen it before on Windows 10 with the launch of Fluent Design.


At the moment, nothing seems to be happening in Sun Valley that is big enough to upgrade to Windows 11. Unless Microsoft planned some major changes for Windows 10X before rolling it back and now incorporates all these unknown changes into Sun Valley. .

Microsoft says Bloomberg Windows 11 / Windows / Windows 10 “Will change the design and opportunities for developers through the Windows App Store, and more easily create connections between users and the communities that interest them.” “

This means it looks like the Windows App Store will replace the Microsoft Store. Connecting users to communities looks like the company will integrate Microsoft Teams into Windows.

It looks like we’re getting a new UI and a new Store… again, is that enough for a new generation of Windows?

One possibility is that this is a rebranding effort to give OEMs something new to sell out of their box. The speculation is that Microsoft is still keen to be a major player in the consumer market, an area in which the company has consistently failed. With the business cornered, Windows 11 could focus on another push to the consumer.

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