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As Rwanda awaits the ‘Oldies Music Festival’, an event that will recall music from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s being played around the world, we have rounded up some of the best old Rwandan jams that are still being played nowadays.

‘Tukabyine’ – Miss Jojo ft. Rafiki

In 2006, singer Josiane Uwineza popularly known as Miss Jojo alongside Cogastyle pioneer Rafiki hit the Rwandan music industry with the release of “Takabyine”, and the rest became history.

‘Tukubyine’ was produced in dancehall style by JP, one of the best music producers Rwanda has ever had, and directed by Meddy Saleh who is still in the video production game.

The release of a classic like ‘Tukabyine’ which is still played in Kigali pubs and clubs was followed by the release of Miss Jojo’s debut album ‘Genesis’ which made her a household name in South Africa. ‘East.

‘Ndarota’ – Miss Shanel

In late 2008, Ruth Nirere, better known as Shanel, released “Ndarota”, a zouk-style love track that became a hit in Rwanda and beyond, making her a force to be reckoned with. count in the region.

‘Ndarota’ which is a slow zouk song was produced by Pastor P, one of the best producers who contributed to the rise of Rwandan music through his studio, Narrow Road Production.

The classic song can be streamed on different online platforms such as YouTube.

‘Amaganya’ – Tuff Gang

With the help of producer Lick Lick, Tuff Gang Crew consisting of big name rappers like Jay Polly, Fireman, Bull Dog Green P and P Fla introduced street hip-hop to Rwanda and ‘Amaganya’ is one of the tracks which ensured their breakthrough. .

The song returned to trend last year after the death of one of the band’s founders, Jay Polly.

‘Rutenderi’ – Rider

In 2008 Riderman released his second solo track “Rutenderi” and it immediately caught the attention and admiration of many. At that time, his music was selling like hot cake. His debut album was also named after the song due to its trending in Kigali.

Riderman and his studio ‘Ibisumizi’ are considered one of the driving forces of the hip-hop genre in Rwanda.

‘Kubaka Izina’ – MC Mahoni Boni

In 1999, Mc Mahoni Boni blessed Rwandan music with a number of hip-hop songs and one of his first releases which became a hit was ‘Kubaka Izina’. The single is produced in the old style of hip-hop that great musicians like 50 Cent were doing back in the day.

‘Kubaka Izina’ is still one of the best rap songs ever produced in Rwanda.

‘Against Success’ – DR Claude

‘Contre Success’ is one of the greatest tracks produced by the famous DR Claude who introduced Afro-beat music to Rwandans. ‘Contre Success’ was produced by the Nice Sound studio in 2007. This is one of the reasons for the rise of DR Claude in East Africa.

‘Contre Success’ is still played in clubs in Kigali and Bujumbura to this day.

‘Ungirire Ubuntu‘ – Meddy

Medal Ngabo aka Meddy came to the limelight in 2007 after releasing his hit “Ungirire Ubuntu” and ever since then the R&B star is still at the top of the Rwandan music industry.

‘Ungirire Ubuntu’ is a slow R&B song produced by Nicolas in 2009 and directed by Bagenzi Bernard.

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