PMG Mining celebrates Family Heritage Day

PMG Mining Family Heritage Day celebrations. (Image: Supplied)

by Tyrone Linroy

With Heritage Day celebrated annually on September 24, it recognizes South Africa’s cultural richness, more commonly known as ‘The Rainbow Nation’ – The day is celebrated by remembering the cultural heritage of many cultures who make up the colorful population, which is not only within the confines of our beautiful native land, but also in international diversity.

South Africa and China have ties that demonstrate both diversity and vitality to drive economic and social transformation and development. This joint venture shows the willingness of both parties to engage with each other and overcome any challenges together. Being united in our diversity, the time has now come to celebrate the blend of cultures and traditions of all the people of South Africa. – Now is definitely the time to embrace and appreciate who you are and where you come from. The main reason is that we gain a new appreciation of our own culture and heritage within our diverse South African identity and with the celebration of Heritage Day it is an important nation-building tool to encourage national and global pride.

PMG Mining Family Heritage Day celebrations.

At PMG Mining, we will continue to commemorate the importance of preserving our heritage, tradition and culture, as this would reflect our values, beliefs and aspirations, thus defining a cultivated culture of togetherness, which is just as important as preservation. of our heritage, because it preserves our integrity as a people.

On the official holiday – in an Ubuntu spirit – the management and staff of Manganese Mining House enthusiastically gathered in large numbers to celebrate the first of many PMG Mining Family Heritage Day celebrations in an Ubuntu spirit. Having said that, the words of PMG Mining’s safety officer, Molaootsile Bodumele, summed up the day’s activities in his response, saying: “It was so bright today! Thanks to PMG Mining Management for making the employees proud and special. We wholeheartedly appreciate and respect what has been done in honor of the recognition of our heritage through our unity in diversity.

By reflecting on our own heritage and cultural background, and then sharing it with others with a different heritage, we create the opportunity to find common ground.

The PMG Mining family surely enjoyed a happy heritage day!

This article and its content are sponsored, written and provided by PMG Mining.

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