Microsoft Teams will soon benefit from end-to-end encryption, native Windows 10 notification and more

Last year saw a exponential increase in the use of collaboration applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, Microsoft has worked hard to add new features to improve the overall team experience.

Recently the Redmond giant updated their roadmap page to include end-to-end encryption for calls made through Teams. Last year, Zoom was mixed up in a controversy after the company falsely claimed it offers end-to-end encryption on the platform. Zoom has finally released an update to add end-to-end encryption and it has been offered to all users.

Now it looks like Microsoft is joining the list of companies offering end-to-end encryption for calls. According to the roadmap, the feature will be supported for VoIP Teams 1: 1 calls. Microsoft plans to give IT administrators full control over end-to-end encryption, allowing them to manage functionality for the entire organization. Unfortunately, it’s unclear at this time whether end-to-end encryption will make it to the consumer version of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has currently set July 2021 as the deadline for rolling out features to PCs and mobiles.

Apart from that, Microsoft also plans to let users choose between built-in Teams notification and native Windows 10 notifications. company notes that the choice of native Windows 10 notification will bring “a series of advantages, such as respecting the focus assist mode which allows you to avoid distracting notifications when you need to concentrate, and the integration with the Windows 10 Action Center to help you see your notifications in one place ”. The option to choose native Windows 10 notifications will roll out later this month.

Finally, Microsoft also plans to add an option for users to permanently delete a private chat. Currently, users can hide, ignore, or delete individual messages from a chat, but they cannot delete the chat unless they are. deleted by an IT administrator. However, according to a comment made on the Microsoft UserVoice page (Going through On MSFT), the Redmond giant is close to finalizing the feature and plans to roll it out to users in the near future. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t specified a timeline for the feature rollout, so we’ll have to wait for the company’s official announcement.

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