Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro now available for Azure customers

Canonical and Microsoft have collaborated to announce Microsoft SQL Server with Ubuntu Pro on Microsoft Azure.

Azure users can now launch fully supported instances of SQL Server 2017 or SQL Server 2019 – Web, Standard, and Enterprise editions – on Ubuntu Pro 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu Pro 20.04 LTS. Additionally, SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro 20.04 LTS includes support for high availability scenarios through Corosync and Pacemaker with a specialized closing agent for Azure.

Customers will receive support on this solution, including security updates and joint technical support from Canonical and Microsoft.

SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro provides customers with an alternative, highly cost-effective and fully supported RDBMS option ideal for highly transactional, high performance workloads. As a fully supported offering, the solution also provides a low friction path for existing SQL Server users to benefit from ubuntu Pro adoption.

“Our customers need the means to run enterprise-grade, very demanding and business-critical data workloads on Ubuntu. This need is fully met with Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro and Azure. This solution is a logical extension of our continued collaboration with Microsoft, ”said Alex Gallagher, vice president of cloud alliances at Canonical.

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