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Microsoft boasts of having downsized updates to Windows 11. Surprisingly, “cutting hardware support” was not included.

The monthly patch cycle for Microsoft products has been the bane of the lives of many administrators over the years. The operating system’s decision to lie down for a long time at inconvenient times while downloading and applying updates has become something of a common joke, especially with much of the shift to remote working around the world. and sometimes questionable home internet connectivity.

Microsoft began taking steps to correct the size of its package starting with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (aka 1809) using coupled front and rear compression rather than just the differential update from previous versions. which could become quite heavy and difficult to administer.

While the front and rear differentials fixed some of the issues associated with updates, issues remained and Microsoft recognized that downloads could still be substantial. Especially when you consider that the corporate infrastructure has to work over VPN for new remote users who will always need an update, regardless of the problematic bandwidth.

For Windows 11, Microsoft has tinkered with the process again. Due to the need to be able to undo changes, a reverse delta (to undo the changes made) was required. However, rather than distributing an inverse delta, the company realized that “transformations and fixes can be ‘observed’ by the step of applying the delta and efficiently re-encoded in an inverse delta.” As such, it has provided for an American patent filing under the heading “REVERSE UPDATE DATA GENERATION” (n ° 63 / 160.284).

So the approach meant that the target device keeps its own path back to its original state, and Microsoft only needs to distribute the delta forward. The saving, according to Microsoft, is a 40 percent reduction in update size.

“This benefits our customers who will have to download less to stay up-to-date and secure,” Microsoft boasted.

We are far from suggesting that Microsoft could use its powerful intellect to figure out why it has to release so many fixes in the first place. ®

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