Genuine Windows 10 Pro Lifetime License only $ 12 and Office only $ 23, great discounts up to 91%!

Even though the Windows 11 system is already looming around the corner, now is the perfect time to get the Windows 10 on your computer. It doesn’t matter if you are still using the old Win 7 machine or just building a new computer, obtaining a system license is a must. Because all current Windows 10 owners will get a free upgrade to Windows 11 very soon anyway. And getting a lifetime Windows license doesn’t really have to be an expensive endeavor. Our offer of the day VIP Key sale is living proof. And the key is valid at all times, and the return and exchange period of Sale of VIP keys: 30 days (from the date of purchase).

Right now you can find some really great deals on VIPKeysale, enhanced with the 30% discount coupon VIPGZ.

Thanks to its powers, you will be able to enjoy a full 30% discount and enjoy the great prices listed above. And because the system is just the start, they’ve included some productivity packages with Microsoft Office as well. Or ideally combine offers with both. The sale is valid until September 15 and the indicated prices already reduced by the coupon VIPGZ.

How to buy Windows 10 Pro on

Please use the discount code VIPGZ when you buy it:

You can use PayPal 、 VISA 、 or other payment methods.

After payment, the buyer receives an OEM product key to the email specified during registration, which can be activated directly in the Windows 10 system itself in the next section – “Start” → “Settings “→” System “→” About the program “→” Change product key “(in this menu you must enter the OEM key received). By the way, the operating system itself can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website.

After activating the OEM key, the following message will appear in the Activation section: “Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account”.

Please note that the activated Windows 10 key is linked to the motherboard of the computer. If you are replacing the computer, you will need to contact Microsoft support for further use of the key.

When it comes to activating Office, things are even easier. Just go to the official product page, then sign in with your Microsoft account. After that, enter the product key (which will be emailed to you after payment for the goods) in the special field, specify your region and preferred language, and click “Next”. If done correctly, you should be able to download Office to your computer.

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