Apple seeds macOS Monterey beta 9 to developers [U]

Apple seeds macOS Monterey beta 9 to developers [U]

Apple has now released macOS Monterey beta 9 for developers. As we get closer to a fall release, the big feature we haven’t seen fully available for testing is Universal Control and we’ll be looking to see if it’s finally enabled in the ninth beta.

Update at 10:23 a.m. PST: It turns out that there is no mention of the universal control available in the Beta 9 Release Notes.

Meanwhile, a new RC is available today for macOS 11.6.1.

macOS Monterey beta 9 is now appearing via OTA for developers with build number 21A5543b. You can also download it from Apple Developer Website if you are not running the beta yet (full guide here).

New features and changes in macOS 12 Monterey include a completely redesigned Safari, a shortcuts app coming to the Mac, a new Focus mode, Quick Notes, AirPlay to Mac, Universal Control to work seamlessly across multiple Apple devices, and Moreover.

In the third beta, Apple made some notable changes to the default Safari experience, and in the fourth beta, it enabled Live Text on Intel Macs with fake universal control.

macOS Monterey beta 9

With the 8 previous beta versions of Monterey, the anticipated universal control functionality was not fully available. We’ll be looking to see if it’s included in Monterey Beta 9.

However, beta 5 has partially enabled universal control, learn more about how to do it here:

It is usually not ideal to install beta versions on your primary computer with common bugs and performance issues, so use a secondary computer. Mac if possible. However, with beta 9, macOS Monterey is generally stable.

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